Hiya folks!  Many people ask me how to find profitable keywords for SEO.  So I’ve decided to do a write up on the topic with some of the info I’ve gathered over the years.

  1. Forums – Although you might feel these are outdated and long gone, this is a place where your target audience hangs out and has discussions practically all the time.  In order to use these,  look at threads that have just been started, for these will usually reveal questions people have or a problem someone has researched but hasn’t found the answer online.  If you’re in the bodybuilding niche for example, you might want to do a search for ‘inurl: forum + bodybuilding’ and then choose the ones you feel have the best quality and traffic.  Examine the posts and identify the most relevant phrases.
  2. Google Auto Complete – These can tell you two things:  Which phrases are most commonly search by your target audience and what  the most profitable keywords are from a Google AdWords perspective.  These will help you get a list of long-tail keyword phrases.
  3. Wikipedia – This is one of the most underutilized resources.  This wiki is packed with topics curated by many experts that are already organized.  Enter in a broad keyword related to your niche in the search bar and take a good look at the content.  You can take these keywords and use the Auto Complete Method once again or the Keyword Planner to check for search volume.
  4. Related to Searches in Google – Check the area at the bottom of the Google SERP after running any search related to niche keyword.  These are close variations to your keyword to aid you even further in your quest for profitable keywords.
  5. Quora – Search for your keyword in the questions that pop up as well the answers to get really great ideas for your keyword research.
  6. Amazon – Use this search engine, by typing in your keyword in the book section.  Then, select books that interest you and click ‘Look inside’.  The index can give you great keyword ideas.  Suggested purchase items can also give you great ideas.
  7. View Source – Right click and do view-source on competitor’s website to check their keywords.
  8. Ebay – A quick search for your keyword can yield awesome ideas by inspecting the product descriptions.


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